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  Allow us a reflection to take into account when reading comments and evaluations about us on different platforms of the network. The first thing we would like to notify you is that you will not see responses from us, or at least with our consent, to any assessment on the multiple platforms currently circulating on the network. This is because our policy  focuses all efforts on serving the real and face-to-face customer of the moment, prioritizing making the changes or actions necessary to try to achieve the best customer experience at the time they need them, during their stay. This does not mean that the content of the evaluations is false, nor that we do not agree 100%. For logistical reasons, we currently do not have the capacity to answer, attend and in many cases not even read or find out all the evaluations or comments made about our establishment, its characteristics or our management, in the different languages and platforms of different countries, areas or regions. For the same reason we do not respond directly to any of them to avoid precisely that if we did it could be understood that we accept all those that we do not answer or attend as good. If we ever make up our minds, it will be when we have the capacity to do it for everyone. Added to all this are the complications derived from some recent blackmail fashions to obtain free services from some platforms dedicated to making false reports, taking advantage of the subjectivity in the tastes of many hospitality services; whether they are unscrupulous law firms, "influencers", etc. Even sometimes we can not avoid being splattered by causes or negligence in services outside of us, such as: transport, guides or agencies with erroneous or misleading advertisements that they obtain from third parties without contacting us or directly contrasting such data with us, etc. .

  However, we do not want to imply that all comments are favorable or not, are not true or are incorrect. Surely most are completely. We just want you to take into account our reflections as a general summary that can be applied as an explanation to many of them. In fact, we want to acknowledge from here that we are not perfect, and that it is possible that we make a mistake. For this reason, we want to ask you to give us the opportunity to solve any fault that we may commit in any of our sections or services, by notifying us in person as soon as possible, at the hotel itself, so that we can correct it during your stay; Well, what we do have is the spirit of learning to adapt to any of our clients.  


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 When you carry out a transaction on our website, as part of the process, we collect personal information that you provide us, such as your name, credit card information or email address. Your personal information will be used only to provide and operate our services, to be able to offer you continuous assistance, to contact you with general and personalized notices related to the service, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations. For greater peace of mind, you can deactivate the possibility of selling your data to third parties by any of our suppliers by clicking the "Submit" option in the lower right link of our footer:"Do Not Sell My Personal Information".

 All direct payment gateways used by our company adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS administered by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. PCI-DSS requirements help ensure the secure handling of credit card information by our store and its service providers.

 We ask in advance for understanding and apologies for any possible translation error of any text published in any section of our website. Although the purpose of translations is to make it easier for our clients to understand all of our services, we can only take responsibility for the meaning and expressions of the language in which we write and think about them. For this reason, in the face of any error or discrepancy due to possible translation errors, the meaning and official text of the Spanish version of any of our pages or subpages of our website will always prevail.

 At the same time we also want to make it clear in the same sense, that the purpose of external links to other third-party pages, is to facilitate the search for complementary services to your accommodation, but we can not be responsible for such services, beyond not recommending them in the case of receiving complaints from them; since the responsibility for providing these services, corresponds to the companies of each website.



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